September 2005 News

Now, Hi-tech Militants Are On The Prowl

19 September 2005
The Indian Express

Srinagar: The Army is now facing a new breed of militants. Highly trained in firearms, this fresh lot of hardcore militants are tech-savy, and use computers to learn the art of manufacturing sophisticated explosive devices, including car bombs. This new trend came to light when Army seized a CD (compact disc) along with a huge cache of arms and ammunition during a raid in the remote Gurez sector along the LoC where militants had hidden it in a natural cave. The CD contained formulas, manuals to assemble various types of IEDs, bombs and rockets. 'It also contained arms training manual and bomb-making techniques,' said Major General Mukesh Sabarwal, General Officer Commanding 28 Infantry Division. Besides the CD, Army claims to have recovered explosive material used to manufacture 50-100 car bombs. These explosive accessories included pre-fabricated board, printed circuit, RDX sticks, detonators, battery-operated IEDs and a large number of remote devices, said Maj. Gen Sabharwal. The haul also included 14 AK rifles, rocket launcher, rocket-propelled missiles, under-barrel grenades, Chinese grenades and 5,000 round of AK ammunition. The recovery was made from a jungle near the Kishan Ganga river. The arms and ammunition were skillfully buried in a eight- metre-long natural cave in the rugged mountains of Gurez close to the LoC, he said. The recoveries were made after a specific tipoff. Calling it the biggest recovery in the recent times, Saberwal disclosed that sophisticated gadgetry like modern hand radio sets, night vision binoculars, telescopic sights and a large number of warlike stores were also found near the site. He clarified that the arms and ammunition recovered do not belong to the militant group intercepted by the Army two months back. Though the present recovery was made from the same sector, the hideout is some 50 kilometres away from the place of encounter. Sabherwal denied that the militants had made any fresh bids of infiltration.


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