September 2005 News

Hurriyat Not Sole Representative Of Kashmiris: JKLF

25 September 2005
The Indian Express

New Delhi: In a rebuff to Hurriyat Conference, a meeting on Kashmir held in Brussels has rejected suggestions about the amalgam being the sole representative of the people of Jammu and Kashmir with JKLF saying any solution worked out by the conglomerate would not be acceptable to the people on either side of the Line of Control. While adopting the resolution at the conference, which was attended by people from both sides of Jammu and Kashmir and separtist leaders settled in other parts of the world, JKLF Chairman in Europe Shabir Chaudhry said, 'any solution negotiated only by both India and Pakistan will not be acceptable to the people of Jammu and Kashmir'. 'Similarly, any solution negotiated with Hurriyat will not be acceptable to the majority of Kashmiris, as people on both sides of the divide know that it does not represent true aspirations of the people,' it said. Another resolution adopted at the meeting said, 'while supporting the peace process, we strongly emphasise that no single Kashmiri political party or alliance has representative character to speak on behalf of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Hence the peace process must be all inclusive and broad based and that all regional and ethnic leadership is represented at the negotiating table'. The resolution also asked Pakistan to respect and honour civil and political rights of people of Gilgit and Baltistan and establish a democratically elected Legislative Assembly there.


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