September 2005 News

Agreement on a ‘certain process’ for Kashmir, says Kasuri

29 September 2005
The Dawn

Islamabad: Foreign Minister Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri on Thursday said that the purpose of initiating composite dialogue process with India was aimed at providing solace to the people of occupied Kashmir. The process has been going on for two years now and people, particularly the Kashmiris, are asking many questions about it, he said, adding that the removal of Indian troops would certainly contribute towards easing tension in Kashmir. Referring to his recent visit to New York, the foreign minister said in a PTV programme that the world leaders were conscious that the Kashmir problem needed to be resolved. He said Pakistan wanted some progress on issues and was interested in having durable peace with India as stable relationship is imperative for ending poverty in the region. About his meetings with the Indian leadership, he said that both the countries had agreed to carry out a ‘certain process’ for resolving the Jammu and Kashmir issue to the satisfaction of all the parties. On President Pervez Musharraf’s meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at New York, he said it showed that both sides wanted to resolve the issue. In reply to a question regarding the UNSC expansion, Mr Kasuri said Pakistan was opposed to having more centres of privilege being created as it violated the principle of sovereign equality of nations. On contacts with Israel, he said Pakistan wanted to encourage withdrawal of troops from Gaza which he described as landmark. “Our engagement with Israel would be determined by the progress that is made on the Palestinian issue,” he concluded.


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