October 2005 News

NAs not part of Pakistan until...

1 October 2005
The Daily Times

Islamabad: The Standing Committee on Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas (KANA) met under the chairmanship of Pir Mohammad Aslam Bodla, the MNA in the Parliament House on Saturday.The additional secretary of the Ministry of KANA briefed the committee that the ministry has been assigned the work of policy formulation, administration and the development of the Northern Areas, as well as relief and rehabilitation work and the provision of civil supplies.He stated that according to the constitution of Pakistan 1973, the Northern areas are not part of Pakistan until the Jammu and Kashmir dispute is settled in accordance with the UN resolutions. The government of Pakistan, in giving autonomy to the Northern areas, promulgated a legal framework order 1994 whereby the minister of KANA is designated as chief executive, while a deputy chief executive is elected amongst the members of the Northern Areas Legislative Council (NALC) along with his cabinet of ministers.He said that the government extends assistance to the Northern Areas for the development of infrastructure. He said that an allocation of Rs 1.60 billion has been made for projects by the federal government during the current financial year. The committee asked the ministry to assist the Northern Areas in the improvement of tourism and improvement of airports with PIA, the establishment of medical and engineering colleges with the HEC.


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