October 2005 News

LoC Opening May Help Solve Kashmir: Gen

20 October 2005
The Indian Express

Islamabad: The proposal to allow people from both sides of the Line of Control to take part in reconstruction work in the quake-hit areas of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir 'may facilitate progress towards resolution of the decades-old Kashmir issue,' President Pervez Musharraf today said.In an interview to CNN, Musharraf said: 'May be yes, if the people come into act, let people generate some kind of solutions for themselves,' he said. Advertisement Asked about some of the extremist organisations' participation in relief activities, Musharraf said Pakistan has banned a number of terrorist organizations while it is keeping some under watch. The government knows some of the organizations are active in some areas but stated that they are not the ones which have been banned, he said. Organisations carrying out relief work are not involved in any militant activity, he maintained. Meanwhile, the Pakistan Foreign Office tonight said Islamabad was finalising proposals on opening of the LoC and these will be forwarded to New Delhi.


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