November 2005 News

LoC Opening To Help Freedom Movement, Says Yasin Malik

6 November 2005
The Nation

Lahore: The opening of Line of Control would further harmonise the sentiments of Kashmiris and would have positive effect as well as help the freedom movement in Kashmir. This was the consensus of speakers at a function held at Al-Qudsia, the central headquarters of Jama'atud Da'awa. It was addressed among others by Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Yasin Malik, Amir Jama'atud Da'awa Prof Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, central leader Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki, Editor-in-Chief, The Nation, Majid Nizami, Editor, daily Pakistan, Mujeebur Rehman Shami, columnist Ataul Haq Qasmi and Jamil Athar. They were also unanimous on the point that NATO and US forces, which also included three star US generals, were not in Kashmir for rehabilitation purposes but for 'some specific' mission. Speaking on the occasion, JKLF chief Yasin Malik said that no Indian tactic could crush freedom struggle in Occupied Kashmir adding that the opening of LoC at five points would further boost the fighting spirit of Kashmiris, ultimately leading to success of the movement, which would continue as long as Kashmiris determination to continue struggle for their rights was there. He observed that it was because of the so-called LoC that Muslims in Occupied Kashmir could not help their brethren in Azad Kashmir at this hour of need. When routes from Pakistan leading to AJK were blocked following the October 8 devastating earthquake, the Muslims in Occupied Kashmir could easily approach AJK from the other side to help their brothers, but they could not do so because of the LoC, he maintained. Yasin Malik said that the spirit of sacrifice shown by the Pakistani people and the Kashmiris living on the two sides of the LoC during the quake disaster had proved that political and religious leadership could keep them apart for political reasons but no calamity could hold them back from helping each other. Jama'atud Da'awa Amir Prof Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that love and affection shown by the Kashmiris on both sides of the LoC in the wake of the deadly earthquake had proved that same blood ran through their veins. Abdur Rehman Makki said that NATO and US forces had landed in Kashmir to complete a specific mission there under the garb of carrying out rehabilitation work. He alleged that Jama'atud Da'awa and some other organisations were being stopped from carrying out relief and rehabilitation work in the affected areas. Addressing the seminar, Editor-in-Chief, The Nation, Majid Nizami said that he had come to listen to Yasin Malik because he (Malik) held similar views as that of Syed Ali Geelani's. He expressed his wonder as to how the government that considered 'Jihad' as 'discord' had allowed Yasin Malik to come here. Majid Nizami said that he had been struggling for the cause of Kashmiris even before the creation of Pakistan. Kashmir was our jugular vein and enemy wanted to keep its hold on it in order to deprive Pakistan of waters coming from this territory, he maintained. 'If we retracted from our jugular vein, we would not be able to retain Pakistan', Majid Nizami stressed adding 'Kashmir could not liberated without sword, for which we would have to generate courage in ourselves'. He said that Jihad in Kashmir was such a sacred duty that orders for which were also there in the holy Quran. The government had been declaring Jihad as extremism just to please (US President) George Bush, but in fact, it was not with him (Bush), he maintained. Majid Nizami said that if the government did hypocrisy with the nation, it would not be able to rule even for a single day. Speaking on the occasion, Mujeebur Rehman Shami said that Pakistani nation could not think of a life without Kashmir. After the quake, he said, the people came forward without any motivation from the government and proved that Kashmir and Pakistan were two parts of the same body. 'I was asked not to publish Jama'atud Da'awa's advertisements regarding its relief programme in my paper, but I declined to do so and ultimately, the government also had to lift this ban', Shami disclosed. Ataul Haq Qasmi said that Da'awa had been recognised at the world level when its relief activities came to lime light in Argentine on the occasion of Tsunami.


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