November 2005 News

Civilian killings down in J&K

17 November 2005
The Hindu
Special Correspondent

NA: Killings down by 22 per cent compared to last year 100 infiltrations last year till October; 30 for the corresponding period this year In 2,223 incidents, 239 security personnel, 624 civilians and856 terrorists were killed till October last year NEW DELHI : Despite the recent spurt in terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, civilian killings have gone down by 22 per cent compared to last year, senior Home Ministry officials claim. Terming Wednesday's militant attack in Srinagar as a 'demonstrative action,' particularly after the October 8 earthquake, Special Secretary (Internal Security) A. K. Mitra said on Thursday that terrorists were picking 'soft targets' to make their presence felt. Trends He said there were 100 infiltrations in Jammu and Kashmir last year till October, compared to 30 during the corresponding period this year. The number of terrorists killed in such bids had gone up to 175 this year against 84 last year. Of these, 90 killed were terrorist 'commanders'. In 2223 incidents of terrorist violence in Jammu and Kashmir 239 security personnel, 624 civilians and 856 terrorists were killed till October last year. For the corresponding period this year, in 1736 incidents 170 security personnel, 490 civilians and 818 terrorists were killed. Frustrated Mr. Mitra said the sudden spurt in terrorist-related incidents in Jammu and Kashmir also indicated that terrorist outfits were feeling frustrated due to the progress made in the peace process between India and Pakistan and that it was one way of grabbing media attention. Official sources said that terror strikes always increased in the State whenever there was change of guard. Sources cited Dr. Farooq Abdullah's taking over in October 1996 when a car bomb went off near the MLAs hostel in Srinagar. When Mufti Mohammad Sayeed assumed office as Chief Minister in November 2002, there were three consecutive terrorist strikes on November 22, 23 and 24 in the State killing 25 people.


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