November 2005 News

US Envoy Calls For Inclusion Of Kashmiris In The Peace Process

24 November 2005
The Pakistan Tribune

Islamabad: US Ambassador to Pakistan Ryan C Crocker has said that Kashmir dispute is a critical problem and it can not be resolved unless Kashmiris participation in the solution process is ensured. He told Online during his visit to tehsil Bugna to review the relief activities that the opening of Line of Control (LOC) on different points might be a good sign as it had enabled the Kashmiris of both sides to join together, however, the resolution of Kashmir was not possible without the participation of Kashmiris. He said that opening of LOC on different points had got the leaderships of India and Pakistan together and resulted in enhancement of people to people contact on both sides. Talking about the donor conference held in Islamabad, he said that it was a great success as the international community had made lot of pledges and World Bank and Asian Development Bank had announced the assistance. Responding to a question about the little amount of grant by international community in donor conference, he said that USA had announced grant amounting to 510 million dollars that was a grant and not in term of loan. He said that President General Pervez Musharaaf would take all possible initiatives to implement the plans of rehabilitation and reconstruction announced in donor conference. 'We have confidence in leadership in Musharaaf that he will succeed to implement rehabilitation plans,' he added. He said that Pakistan had made unprecedented achievement in the field of economy and the GDP had exceeded to 7 percent for the last few years due to ideal policies. 'We believe that Pakistan had potential to make plans and ensure implementation and Musharaaf will be able to materialize the rehabilitation and reconstruction plans,' he added. However, he urged the government of Pakistan to make all out efforts to utilize the funds of rehabilitation and reconstruction in transparent manner. He said that earthquake had caused a worst tragedy in Pakistan resulting in loss of large number of lives and financial loss and American government had provided all possible aid to earthquake victims. 'I am grateful to the American community that had helped Pakistan in this critical time,' he said. Later, he visited the hospital and school set up by Human Development Foundation and Pakistan Association of Greater Seattle and reviewed the current situation. These two organizations have adopted five villages of Tehsil Bugna and have a target of providing as many as one hundred permanent shelters in these villages. They will also set up two more schools in these villages and aim at facilitating the natives of these villages with education, health and food items. Chief Executive Human Development Foundation Azhar Saeed said that people of the area were using the medical facilitates in the hospital and primary, middle and high schools had been upgraded with shelters. He said that they had target to provide all possible facilities to one thousand households and they would take all possible initiatives in this regard. Shelters have been provided by American Alaska Structure Company and owner of this company Hotes Richard said that he was thankful to Pakistan administration that helped him to ensure the shelters to the affected people. He pledged that he had contained the one hundred shelters and more would donate in future to give relief to the affected people.


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