November 2005 News

'Reorganisation of J&K will solve crisis'

26 November 2005
The Hindu
Staff Reporter

New Delhi: In an attempt to find a peaceful alternative solution to the Kashmir crisis, Panun Kashmir - the apex organisation of Kashmiri Pandits - held a seminar here on Saturday. Debating 'Reorganisation of the Jammu and Kashmir State: The Peaceful Solution of the Kashmir Problem', the speakers felt that reorganising the State into four parts would be a step towards solving the crisis. 'The various experiments to solve Kashmir problem have been basically compromised with Muslim communalism. They have failed to create peace and violence continues to dictate the course of political event in Jammu and Kashmir. The spread of Muslim terrorism all over India will unhinge secular India with unimaginable consequences of humanity and start the disintegration,' said Panun Kashmir president Ajay Chrungoo. Calling for re-organisation of Jammu and Kashmir State for a lasting solution to the problem to bring peace, Dr. Chrungoo said that would lead to cataclysmic events in the region. 'There is a unilateral view on solving the Kashmir problem and if we try and venture out of the conventional way of thinking then it is discouraged,' he said. 'However, there is a breath of fresh air and the possibility of the winds of change with the new Chief Minister being appointed in the State,' he said. Highlighting the Ladakh side of the situation, the Member of Parliament from Ladakh, Thupstan Chhewang said: 'We used the Assembly elections held in Kashmir to put forward the Ladakh's situation. The political parties were disbanded and Ladakh Union Territory Front was formed under the Buddhist Association. However, this was after taking the view of everyone in Ladakh not only the Buddhist. The solution for Kashmir cannot be Valley-centric. It can only be found if every section agree.' Giving a historic view on the problem, Jan Sangh president Balraj Madhok said: 'There is Kashmiri imperialism in the State like there is Punjabi imperialism in Pakistan. Kashmiri Pandits have a right on the land and we have to raise the demand. Jammu must be made a separate State. '


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