November 2005 News

Kashmir's autonomy not possible right now: Rasheed

27 November 2005
The Daily Times
Staff Report

Lahore: Kashmir's autonomy is not possible under the present circumstances, Federal Information Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said at a press conference on Sunday.He said behind the scenes diplomacy was a successful negotiation method and had been going on between Pakistan and India for a long time. He said it had progressed significantly and Kashmiri leaders were involved in it.He said the government achieved its goals from the donors' conference and rehabilitation was a challenge for the government and the country. 'I assure you that all the earthquake victims will be in their homes within a year,' he said. The minister said the government was ready to satisfy the opposition by considering their apprehensions and urged the opposition to cooperate with the government for the earthquake victim's sake. About differences in Pakistan Muslim League, he said, 'Minor differences in a party are a symbol of democracy. Such differences cannot damage the party and are resolved eventually.'


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