December 2005 News

Trans-Kashmir Bus Service Resumes

1 December 2005
The Nation

Srinagar: India and Pakistan resumed Thursday a trans-Kashmir bus service suspended after a massive earthquake in October damaged a road running across the LoC. 'In all 16 (Indian) Kashmiris and four returning (Pakistani Kashmir) passengers crossed over to Azad Kashmir,' Indian army spokesman Vijay Batra said. The crossing took place at Kaman Post, 117 kilometres northwest Srinagar. The earthquake damaged the road along which the bus service ran as well as a bridge at Kaman named the 'Peace Bridge'. With the Peace Bridge damaged, the passengers walked across a small footbridge over a stream that serves as the LoC. 'The crossing marked the resumption of the stalled bus service,' Batra said. The last bus crossing took place October 6, two days before the earthquake that killed over 73,000 people in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. Some 1,300 people died in Held Kashmir and more than 150,000 were left homeless.


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