December 2005 News

Only Int'l Community Role Can Solve Kashmir Dispute: JKLF

29 December 2005
Pakistan Observer

Muzaffarabad: Amanullah Khan, Chairman, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has issued on Thursday his political creed that Kashmir dispute can be solved permanently only if the international community takes keen interest in is solution'. Neither wars nor bilateral talks between India and Pakistan can solve it, he reiterates. This party conviction has been conveyed by him through thousands of his New Year's greetings message distributed within and outside of Pakistan in thousands among government leaders, politicians, students, teachers, diplomats, professional groups, ministers and religious heads. His greetings cards carry the picture of Kashmir's geographic landmass in green Pakistan flag colour with inscription on: 'Happy New Year to All Free and Subjugated Nations and their Nationals from the Trodden, Enchanined and Bleeding Kashmir'. Blood drops are falling from red- written word Kashmir into the peripheral Indian land, depicting Indian atrocities in Kashmir.The reverse of the card carries a 7- point political elucidation of Amanullah Khan's JKLF. The cardinal point reminds both India and Pakistan that they 'stand committed, through their declarations made on national ad international levels to concede to Kashmiris their right to opt for independence in addition to accession to India or to Pakistan'. Amanullah's New Year's greetings warn that ' leaving Kashmir issue unsolved can well result in a catastrophe in the shape of nuclear war or at least continue eating into the economic vitals of India and Pakistan ….its equitable and permanent solution can start an era of peace, progress and prosperity for the entire region…' He reiterates his political creed that 'the best practicable solution of Kashmir issue is that the divided Jammu Kashmir State be reunited under international supervision and be made an independent country with a democratic, federal and secular system of government and having friendly relations with all its neighbours especially with India ad Pakistan.' A card recipient commented to the Daily Pakistan Observer that 'in his concept of federalism the JKLF chief has almost fallen in line with the concept conveyed by the APHC chief Mirwaiz Umar Farooque's United States of Kashmir proposal'. The JKLF platform was given birth back in 1977 in the U.K. driven initially by freedom fighter Maqbool Butt hanged later by India in Tehar jail. Amanullah Khan succeeded the late Butt. The card conveys joint greetings besides Amanullah Khan, from SM Afzal, SVC and SM Saghir SG JKLF. There is another platform of the same nomenclature, JKLF, being run in Indian-held Kashmir by a 'jail bird' Yasin Malik. Because of long sporadic periods forced to pass in jails at the hands of the Indian occupation authorities Malik is called a 'jail bird'. Both the factions recently tried to unite but finally failed and decided to stay apart, Kashmir watchers said.


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