February 2006 News

JI-sponsored moot slates Pakistanís ĎU-turní on Kashmir

2 February 2006
The News International

Karachi: The leaders of various political opposition and religious parties at an All-Parties Kashmir Solidarity Conference rejected formulae of self-governance and United States of Kashmir saying that these were tantamount to withdrawal of government's stance on the Kashmir issue. The Kashmir solidarity conference, organised by the Jamaat-e- Islami (JI) at the Idara-e-Noor-e-Haq on Thursday as part of series announced by the JI to express solidarity with Kashmir brethren in relation to Feb 5, Kashmir Day. The conference was presided over by former JI Amir, Azad Kashmir, and independence movement leader Abdul Rasheed Turabi. Various resolutions were adopted on the day demanding of the government to abide by its principled stance that Kashmiris be given the right of self-determination in accordance with UN resolutions. They also condemned the government's attitude as the present rulers were neither interested in resolving the issue of Kashmir nor respect its people's viewpoint. Rather, they had surrendered to the West propaganda, the resolution said. The govt, it said, had taken a U-turn over the Kashmir issue and created a rift among the leaders of Kashmir in their struggle for freedom, it alleged, and called for collective struggle against the government to force them to advocate Pakistan's case on Kashmir at international fora. The moot further resolved that a movement should be launched on an urgent basis against the government to stop it of its deceptive posture as not only Kashmiris Muslims would be enslaved but it would create disunity among different sect of people in the country. The meeting also resolved to revive its former policy on Kashmir and protested against the attack on Bajaur Agency by US warplanes.


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