February 2006 News

Kashmiri Pandits Reject Talks With Hurriyat

5 February 2006
The Times of India

Jammu: Expressing doubts about the Hurriyat's role as facilitator, an organisation of Kashmiri Pandits on Sunday rejected the offer to discuss the return of migrants to the Valley and said they would hold talks directly with the Centre. 'Talks are the ultimate solution for all issues including the return of Pandits to the Kashmir Valley, but we are doubtful about the moves in the direction,' Jammu and Kashmir Vichar Manch president R L Bhat told reporters. He said the Pandits were 'in a struggle for attainting their right to live in Kashmir. They are in the process of talking to the Central government'. There was no relevance or scope for parleys with the Mirwaiz Umer Farooq-led Hurriyat on resolution of the Kashmir issue, Bhat said and alleged that the amalgam had been 'active and instrumental' in turning the Pandits out from the Valley. Questioning the 'representative' credentials of the separatist leaders, he said 'they have not given a reliable assurance that they will not eject the Pandits again should the 'jehadi' ranks get an upper hand in the Valley'. He said they would agree to parleys if the Hurriyat was willing to address the concerns of the displaced Pandits and talk to its 'legitimate leaders'.


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