February 2006 News

Pakistan sends final Baglihar report to WB

12 February 2006
The Daily Times

Lahore: Pakistan has dispatched its final report to the World Bank (WB) neutral expert on the contentious Baglihar Dam being constructed by India in Kashmir, Aaj television channel reported on Sunday. Pakistan believes that the 450-MW Baglihar Dam project on the Chenab is a violation of the Indus Water Treaty (IWT) between India and Pakistan which was brokered by the WB. Sources in the Indus Water Commissioner’s central office told the channel that a “comprehensive and final document” containing “substantial arguments and evidence” prepared by Pakistan’s Ministry of Water and Power had been sent to the Washington liaison office of the WB representative. The sources said that written arguments from both Pakistan and India had been filed and the WB expert would summon representatives from the two countries in the last week of February.


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