February 2006 News

Self-governance being discussed with India

27 February 2006
The Dawn

Islamabad: The Foreign Office said on Monday that Pakistan and India were discussing at various levels the proposal of self-governance in Kashmir. Answering a question about ‘secret diplomacy’ on self- governance in the disputed territory, FO Spokesperson Tasnim Aslam said “I won’t call it secret diplomacy, but we do have various levels of engagement with India on this issue.” She pointed to the composite dialogue, engagement at political and leadership levels as well as back-channel diplomacy. Addressing the weekly news briefing, the spokesperson declined to comment on why the Indian prime minister had now talked about having the intention of revisiting the human rights situation in Kashmir. Underscoring that the issue had been on the agenda of Pakistan-India talks, she said “We do hope that some credible measures will be taken to improve the human rights situation.” About delay in the announcement of the schedule of meetings for the next round of composite dialogue, she said dates for one or two meetings had to be worked out. “Once that is done then we will announce the dates.” When her attention was drawn to a report that some of Pakistan’s embassies were distributing a booklet containing a map of Jammu and Kashmir at variance with Pakistan’s long-held position on the dispute, she stated “The ministry of foreign affairs has not circulated any map and let me assure you there is no change in our position on Kashmir.”


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