March 2006 News

Bush Remarks On Kashmir Enhance Hope: Qayyum

3 March 2006
Associated Press of Pakistan

Rawalpindi: Veteran Kashmiri leader Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan has welcomed the statement of US President George W Bush as encouraging for Kashmiri people who are locked in unresolved issue of Kashmir for past over six decades. The US President a day before beginning his South Asian tour had categorically stated in Washington in his separate press interviews with Pakistani and Indian journalists that the solution of Kashmir should be acceptable to all sides. On Thursday in New Delhi President Bush also re-emphasized on India and Pakistan to resolve Kashmir issue soon in his joint press conference with Indian premier Manmohan Singh. Sardar Qayyum, who heads the ruling Muslim Conference, said in a statement Friday that the current visit of US President to South Asia will help make positive contribution towards easing conditions in the conflict-ridden region of Asia. He observed that President Bush's statement that solution of Kashmir dispute should be acceptable to all sides is reflective of a practical vision on Kashmir and President Bush's concern for the Kashmiri people. 'It opens up an opportunity which should not only be realized but extended sagaciously towards pragmatism,' he said. Qayyum said Kashmir is a dangerous conflict atop all other hot spots of the world. Because of the unresolved state of Kashmir a population of over one and a half billion people live in constant fear in this region of South Asia. President Bush's remarks on Kashmir, he added, would help pave the way towards ending the state of fear and uncertainty. 'If Kashmir is settled to the satisfaction of all the three parties involved in this dispute - Pakistan, Kashmiris and India - this region can raise new prospects of dynamic and unhindered human growth and betterment,' he said. The former AJK President said that resolution of this dispute will have a positive bearing on the future of this region. 'We hope this visit of the US President will ease down this dangerous conflict peacefully towards an acceptable solution.'


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