March 2006 News

Two shot dead in Gilgit

9 March 2006
The Dawn

Gilgit: A man was killed on the outskirts of Gilgit during a shootout between two groups in a dispute over a water channel. According to sources, a negotiator, Mohammad Ismail, was killed during exchange of fire over the irrigation channel at Jageer Baseen. Police said one Azhar Hussain was killed and his friend Ahmed injured in Domiyal when some people opened indiscriminate fire on them on Wednesday. Police said they had arrested a suspect, Mohammad Ismail. NALC MEMBERS NALC Speaker Malik Mohammad Miskeen directed the home department on Thursday to produce detained NALC member Himayatullah Khan to enable him to vote in the elections for reserved seats on March 22. Mr Khan has been detained with other people in Adiyala Jail, Rawapindi, under the Maintenance of Public Order law since Oct 15, 2005.


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