March 2006 News

Muttahida Jehad Council Stages Sit-in

10 March 2006
The Nation

Lahore: The factions constituting Muttahida Jehad Council in the Indian held Kashmir consider the Pakistan Government's present Kashmir policy as 'crush Kashmir liberation Movement' policy. They have alleged that Pak government is apologetic on Kashmir and making decisions without any consultation with Kashmiris. As a result the independence movement is flagging day by day and India is strengthening control on Kashmir. This has been revealed by sources close to the council. Muttahida Jihad Council chairman Syed Salah-ud-Din along with leaders of other factions are staging a 'sit in' at some unknown spot near Muzaffarabad, to show their reservations against Govt's Kashmir policy, the sources informed. The sources maintain that Kashmir became a 'flashpoint' following the sacrifices and struggle of Kashmiris but Pakistan Government's recent policy has subjected the independence movement to perpetual dangers. After the US President Bush's recent visit to the South Asia, pressure is being exerted on Jehad Council constantly to bring the Jihad in the occupied Kashmir to an end, whereas the Council is not ready to do so at any cost. The Jihad leaders term it as disloyalty to half a million martyres of Kashmir, as well as, giving the innocent Kashmiris to Indian mercilessness. As a result of the enormous pressure, the Jihad Council has taken the view that Pakistan government, if it feel that Kashmir independence movement is a burden on Pakistan, should withdraw from Kashmir issue, but Mujahideen will carry on the movement at every cost, the sources told. The sit-in, they told, reflected the anger and displeasure of the council factions over Pakistan's licences to India and her policy to start comprehensive dialogue. Meanwhile, Hizbul Mujahideen spokesman Saleem Hashmi, when enquired about the 'sit in' refused to comment on it. He, however, said that he is out of touch with the Hizb Chief and Jihad council chairman for the last two days.


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