March 2006 News

Kashmir Solution Can Hinge On LoC: NSA

19 March 2006
The Hindustan Times

New Delhi: Nationl Security Advisor M.K. Narayanan has indicated that the LoC can be the basis for a lasting solution to the Kashmir problem. At the same time, he accused Pakistan of breeding a new form of jehadi terror aimed at fanning communal tensions within India and pointed to the bomb attacks in Varanasi this month. New Delhi has always maintained that the entire J&K, including the part under Pakistani control, is an integral part of India, and Narayanan's comments marked a departure from this position. In an interview with CNN-IBN aired on Sunday, Narayanan referred to the resolution of the Kashmir dispute and said: 'It may not be easy. The point real ly is, I presume, that if finally you have to reach an agreement there must be certain amount of give and take. 'I suppose when people talk in terms of LoC, it is saying that: 'All right, what has been the actual ground position in the last so many years?' That may be the starting point for an exercise to any changes that you might like to make.' But Narayanan said Pakistan did not seem serious about finding a solution to the Kashmir problem and that India was confused by its suggestions. Narayanan admitted that Indians could be becoming a part of the Paksponsored jehadi movement. 'There is a very distinct attempt to alter the mix... We do find...individuals who are Indians who are getting involved in these (terrorist) offences,' he said.


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