April 2006 News

Diary Reveals Militants' Plan To Blow Up Jail In Jammu And Kashmir

2 April 2006
The Indian Express

Jammu: Are militants planning to blow up a jail in Jammu and Kashmir? A diary recovered from a militant's hideout in Kharoni area of Rajouri district on February 12 this year, reveals the militants' plan to blow up a jail. Addressed to a militant Shamsudin of 'Aizil Qaida Tanjeem', the diary identifies the targetted jail as 'Dangri Wali Jail' in Rajouri district. The diary says it is necessary to blow up this jail by using RDX. Written in Urdu, the diary reads: 'Keep the nafri of Bai Simbal ready so that our plan to blow up the jail does not remain unaccomplished. It has become a necessity to attack Dangri Wali Jail. We have received the orders to demolish this jail.' The first page of this diary shows the desperation of militants to regain the support of local people on the instructions of their leaders sitting across the border. 'We have got instructions from Agency 'S' to stop killing the local population unnecessarily and to kill the persons who are spying on the activities of Mujahideen,' the diary further reads. It also mentions that the militants outfits operating in the state have been a failure due to the strategy of Bhartiya Kutte (Indian soldiers), who have started eliminating militants. The diarist specifically mentions that as it was not possible to have a detailed discussion on the wireless set, he is writing this diary. The militants from across the border have also sought detailed information regarding the security ranges along the borders to avoid difficulty while fighting the Indian troops. They further sought a detailed map of Peer Badreshwar, Dhrati and Kalal Kas areas, which passes through Khah. A senior police official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the authenticity of the document containing this information requires to be verified. He said the diary recovered does not contain any specific date and place. 'If this was written during Hill Kaka operations then it would have had a lot of significance, but not today. Today no dreaded militant is lodged in this particular jail,' said the official, adding that the police are taking it as a generalised threat. However, Inspector General of Police, Jammu zone, Dr S P Vaid said he had received similar intercepts and the security of this jail has been beefed up.


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