April 2006 News

'KPs Living In Hellish Conditions'

10 April 2006
The Indian Express

Jammu: Criticising the state and central governments over the 'hellish condition' of camps for migrant Kashmiri Pandits, an organisation of NRI Pandits on Monday said they would create a network for starting development projects for upliftment of the community in Jammu and Kashmir.'Kashmiri Pandits are living in hellish conditions in different camps in Jammu and Kashmir. They live in pathetic conditions unfit for humans,' Chief of the Kashmir Overseas Association Deepak Ganju said. 'Pandits living in different parts of the world will create a network of NRI Kashmiri Pandits soon that would launch several development projects for the community living in camps in Jammu region,' he added. Terming it 'a matter of shame,' Ganju said 'the country that boasts itself as one of the most progressive nations can not guarantee even the minimum (facilities) for its citizens after failing miserably in its primary duty of providing security to the community in the valley.' Ganju said he will plead the cause of exiled pandits before the international community by showing the videos and pictures of their pain and sufferings and raise awareness around the world. The KOA will appeal to the international community for funding to help more than 2000 needy children, he said adding, the group will also take up various other projects for the upliftment of the community after consultation with the social organisations working for them in India.


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