April 2006 News

J&K Terror Message: Smoking Kills

17 April 2006
The Times of India

Jammu: Smoking cigarettes is injurious to health. Spiked with terrorism, it may mean instant death as a villager, Hansraj Thakkar, discovered here. Thakkar landed in hospital after he lit one of the two cigarettes he found lying in a field in Mislai village of Doda district. The cigarette exploded, causing serious injuries to his right hand. Explosive cigarettes are the latest in the terror arsenal and police and the Army have seized some from a village in Doda. So far, the deadly smoking hazard has been detected only in this area. Sources said terrorists are probably experimenting with the low-cost idea of filling cigarettes with explosives, leaving them in public places to tempt smokers to pick these and light up. Explosive-laden cigarettes may be a first, but there have been previous incidents where terror architects have designed bombs hidden in transistors and even stashed in tiffin boxes. While security forces have so far focussed on warding off attacks on themselves and at big gatherings and prominent people, the new twist in guerrilla warfare could stretch them further.


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