April 2006 News

India Accuses Pakistan Of Aiding Militants

18 April 2006
Associated Press

Srinagar: India's top security official accused Pakistan on Tuesday of continuing to support Islamic militant groups fighting in Kashmir despite the ongoing peace process. Speaking in the Kashmir city of Srinagar, where he was on a visit to review security after a Monday attack injured a former speaker of the Kashmir state legislature and a spate of weekend grenade attacks left five people dead, Home Secretary V.K. Duggal said violence has decreased since last year, but the militancy remains a major threat.'We have strong, solid, foolproof evidence that terror infrastructure in Pakistan is flourishing,' Duggal said. He offered no evidence to support his claims. He accused Pakistan of failing to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure 'in spite of peace talks and confidence-building measures,' and said Pakistan continues to train militants in Pakistani camps. In Islamabad, Pakistan's Foreign Ministry dismissed the accusation. 'This is baseless. I think we should not even pay attention to such statements,' ministry spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam said. During the two-year-old peace process, the two countries have reopened rail and bus links. Humanitarian cooperation has been stepped up since the region was devastated by a massive earthquake in October. India and Pakistan have fought two wars since 1947 over their conflicting claims to the former princely state of Jammu- Kashmir. Pakistan says it supports the militants' cause, but denies Indian charges that it funds, arms and trains the guerrillas.


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