April 2006 News

Independent Kashmir In Pakistan's Interest

19 April 2006
The Nation

Lahore: Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Aman Ullah Khan has said that independent Kashmir will go in favour of Pakistan, so Pakistan must finish the Indian occupancy on Kashmir, but the issue will finally get resolved the day the two countries do away with their colonial mindsets. He was speaking at The Nation Forum here on Wednesday. Aman Ullah Khan was of the view that Kashmir should be liberated from the Indian occupancy. 'The Kashmir issue could be resolved within three months provided all the stakeholders become serious about it. Pakistan is facing stiff opposition at the international front on Kashmir becoming a part of Pakistan. So in order to defeat an economically and diplomatically stronger India, Pakistan must support the idea of independent Kashmir, which is in its favour,' he averred, adding that both the countries would have to give Kashmir an independent status. 'We demand respect, and in return, we ensure Pakistan protection of its interests,' he vowed. Aman Ullah told that the JKLF initiated the armed struggle in Kashmir, and Yasin Malik was given the leading role. 'But he surrendered without intimating us. One fine morning at 10 am, he revolted against us. In lieu of this, Pakistan got him representation in the Hurriyat Conference within an hour,' he stated, while adding that demilitarisation in Kashmir, as a first step was acceptable. 'But it is not a solution to the problem. Idea of the self-governance is ambiguous, as it does not specify the head of all powers. On the other hand, joint control is also not viable considering the fact the controlling entities are hostile to each other for the last about six decades. How two enemy armies could do this?' he questioned. He maintained that General Musharraf's soft stance on Kashmir was dangerous. 'This will damage both Kashmiris and Pakistan the most, while India will be a beneficiary,' he added. While answering a question about the water availability to Pakistan, he said after completion of the Wooler Barrage on the Chenab River, water supply to the Mangla Dam would decrease to a huge extent. 'Electricity supply will diminish apart from drying up of the Upper Chenab canals, which will turn Pakistani areas into desert,' he observed, while criticising the government of Pakistan for giving permission to India to construct the Sallal Dam on the Chenab River. 'Pakistan's observations on the Baghlihar Dam are tenuous because the state government of the Indian Occupied Kashmir supports India on this,' he added.


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