April 2006 News

Demand for new district in Gilgit

25 April 2006
The Dawn

Gilgit: The Gilgit district and union councils, in a joint session, unanimously adopted a resolution demanding that another district comprising Hunza and Nagar valleys be carved out of Gilgit district to settle a dispute over the establishment of district headquarters in Astore. “The dispute can plunge the region into turmoil if it is not settled,’’ warned the meeting. Members said that if the dispute was not resolved, a notification might be issued to create another district, comprising Hunza and Nagar areas, which had more people than Astore. They proposed the name of Brushal for the proposed district. They said that there would be no wrangling over the establishment of district headquarters in the proposed district and, therefore, there would be no waste of time and resources. The proposed district would ease difficulties being faced by the people of Hunza and Nagar valleys, they said. The meeting was presided over by Gilgit District Council Chairman Mohammad Hussain and attended by its vice-chairman Eiman Shah and the union councils’ chairmen, Mohammad Aslam (Chalt) Mohammad Aslam (Shinaki) Mohammad Hussain (Sumnair) Meherban (Nilt) Wilayat (Gulmet) Mohammad Ismail (Nagarkhas) and Sherbaz (Faykar) among others.


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