April 2006 News

JKLF to contest AJK elections on manifesto of independent Kashmir

25 April 2006
The Pakistan Tribune

Islamabad: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has announced that it would contest the forthcoming elections to Azad Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly on the manifesto of independent Jammu Kashmir and has called upon the governments of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir to remove the provision from nomination papers of taking oath of being supporter of Kashmir's accession to Pakistan as that provision was deadly against the basic human rights and right of self- determination of Kashmiris. JKLF has also put an end to efforts for re-unification with Yaseen Malik group calling it an exercise in futility in the light of re-traction of Yaseen group from the agreed formula. These announcements were made here in a press conference by Mr Amanullah Khan chairman and Mr M. Sagheer Khan Advocate Secretary General of JKLF. Mr Amanullah Khan said that the supreme advisory body of JKLF i.e. its Policy and Planning Committee (PPC) in its meeting held on April 22, 2006 and while discussing a ten point agenda considered whether or not JKLF should contest the forth- coming elections to the Azad Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly. The Committee discussed the issue in the light of the current state of affairs regarding Kashmiris' freedom movement, the Kashmir Issue, the JKLF ideology, the condition of taking oath in favour of states accession to Pakistan and of other related matters and came to the conclusion that JKLF should participate in the election but under the manifesto of working for independence of the entire Jammu Kashmir State instead of its accession to any other country. The PPC sent its advice to the Central Executive Committee (CEC) which met on April 23, 2006 and discussed the issue in the light of the advice from PPC as also on merit and came to the conclusion that JKLF should contest the forth-coming election on the manifesto of independent Jammu Kashmir. To deal with all matters concerning the election, an eight member committee headed by Secretary General Sardar M. Sagheer was appointed. It was also decided that a general meeting of all office bearers of JKLF and its student wing SLF at the center and on district, Tehsil and unit levels be held on Sunday May 14, 2006 to discuss matters related to Kashmir Issue, the freedom movement, the forth coming elections and the organization. Mr M. Sagheer advocate, the party Secretary General said the Executive Committee had put an end to fruitless efforts to bring about re-unity with Yaseen Malik group. He said that as a result of its four meetings, the Conciliation Committee had agree on a formula to re-unite JKLF. The proposal was sent to the Central Committee of both factions. The JKLF Central Committee accepted the formula and informed Dr Farooq Haider head of the conciliation committee, to that effect but in the meeting of the Conciliation Committee held on Nov. 13, the members of the committee representing Yaseen Malik backed out of the formula agreed to in their previous meeting and presented a new formula. Yaseen Malik groups new formula came under discussion in the meetings of both Policy Planning Committees and Central Committees of JKLF held on April 22 and 23, respectively and both reached the conclusion that the new formula was against the basic principles and views which formed the very basics of JKLF ideology hence could not be accepted by it. As such JKLF declared end of the talks for re-unity which were just wastage of time and nothing more than an exercise in futility. JKLF has also declared that it had not entered into an alliance with any other groups but would offer and seek cooperation to and from other pro-independence groups if and when needed to further the cause of the ideology of independence of the entire Jammu Kashmir State.


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