May 2006 News

Hurriyat Names Team For Talks, Condemns Massacre

1 May 2006
The Indian Express

Srinagar: Hurriyat today nominated a six-member team for holding talks with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on May 3. The team members are Hurriyat chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Abdul Gani Bhat, Bilal Lone, Fazal-I-Haq Qureshi, Moulana Abbas Ansari and Agha Hassan. All of them are executive members of the separatist conglomerate. Talking to the media after the Hurriyat executive committee meeting today, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said the conglomerate would directly talk about the resolution of the Kashmir dispute in its meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ahead of the roundtable conference in Srinagar. He also condemned the massacre of 22 Hindus in Doda, which he said, was the handiwork of the vested interests who were out to sabotage the peace efforts on Kashmir. 'Hurriyat will press for a credible forward movement for the resolution of Kashmir. There will be no other demand,' Mirwaiz said. 'Our engagement with New Delhi has been now two years old. We need some concrete concessions to keep the momentum and the credibility of the process going,' added Mirwaiz. The Hurriyat chairman refused to link the talks with the Prime Minister with the roundtable, saying they were separate. 'Participating in the separate talks with the Prime Minister does not mean Hurriyat will participate in the roundtable,' Mirwaiz said. 'We will certainly not be part of the crowd. A crowd only makes a noise.' Mirwaiz expressed anguish over the Doda massacre but said the timing of the incident created suspicions about its antecedents. 'Every time, there are positive developments over Kashmir, or some big event is about to unfold, massacres of innocent people take place,' he said. 'This makes these killings fit into a pattern.' The Doda massacre has also been condemned by Hurriyat hawk Syed Ali Shah Geelani, who sees the incident as part of the many such unaccounted killings in Kashmir. 'There have been massacres in Kashmir like Chittisinghpora, which was perpetrated by the Indian agencies. So there is no way to conclusively put the blame on anybody.' Masarat Alam, chairman of Muslim League, has also condemned the incidents and demanded an impartial probe. 'Whosoever are the perpetrators are the enemies of the freedom movement. Mujahids, as such, cannot be a party to this.


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