May 2006 News

Zeroing in on the calamitous events of Kashmir

2 May 2006
The Hindu

New Delhi: It is not just another photo exhibition. 'Sakshaatkaar', a five-day exhibition that opens at Open Palm Court Gallery of India Habitat Centre in New Delhi this coming Saturday, depicts the various facets of religious cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus from the Valley. A one-of- its-kind authentic expression of separatism, the photographs have not been taken by professionals but by the victims themselves, who could barely manage a rudimentary camera to document their tragedy. To be sure, the exhibition will be a statement of the hard fact that Hindus have suffered at the hands of those whose prime objective has been to create a religious monolith at a place that has nurtured pluralism and co-existence through the ages. The exhibition will showcase the calamitous events that led to the exodus, the struggle to survive in refugee camps and recreate a dignified life in exile. What all has befallen the abandoned homes and temples of the Hindus will also be revealed through this photo exhibition that has been made possible through a survey conducted by a team led by Panun Kashmir Chairman Ajay Chrungoo in six districts of Kashmir.


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