May 2006 News

Take immediate steps to stop terror attacks on Hindus: Panun Kashmir

4 May 2006
The Hindu
Staff Reporter

New Delhi: Condemning the massacre of Kashmiri Hindus in two separate incidents at Doda and Udhampur districts of Jammu and Kashmir this past weekend, Panun Kashmir Chairman Ajay Chrungoo on Thursday warned the Union Government that if it did not take immediate steps to stop such terrorist attacks then there would be large-scale exodus of Hindus from Jammu. 'The brutal killing of innocent people was part of a grand design by Pakistan to change the demographic structure of the State and also to subvert the constitutional and administrative machinery. Terrorists are being trained in camps raised by the ISI in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and then pushed into India to cause anarchy, destruction, murder and rape,' said Dr. Chrungoo at a press conference here. Regretting that these two incidents had sent shock waves within the entire Hindu community in the State, Dr. Chrungoo said the Hindus there were living in fear since all the Constitutional guarantees for protection of their lives and limbs had been trampled with impunity. 'These massacres prove the terrorists' capacity to strike at two different places on the same day and also highlight the fact that terrorist camps are intact,' he added. Accusing the Union Government of abandoning the Hindu minorities in the State to their fate, the Panun Kashmir leader said even though those in the corridors of power were having meetings with separatists' leaders, they still had reservations about meeting Kashmiri Hindus. Stating that over the past decade a large number of innocent people had been massacred in various terrorist strikes in Jammu alone, Dr. Chrungoo said many temples have been razed in Kashmir and homes of Hindus were being demolished and sold as cheap property material in the open market. 'The State Government does not agree to the fact that genocide of Hindus is taking place; it treats such incidents as isolated aberrations. While terrorists are armed with lethal weapons like AK-56, AK-47 and fire rockets, the Administration is providing the village defence committee archaic weapons. They are sitting ducks for terrorists,' added Dr. Chrungoo.


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