May 2006 News

Sacrifices of martyred Kashmiris to be honored: Salahuddin

5 May 2006
The Pakistan Tribune

Muzaffarabad: Chairman United Jihad Council, and Supreme Commander Hezb- ul- Mujahideen Syed Salahuddin has warned that any effort to waste all the sacrifices made by martyred Kashmiris in their struggle for independence would never be tolerated. While addressing an event organized by a Kashmiri Mahajar organization, Pasban-e-Hurriyat, he rightfully assessed the ongoing dialogue with India as useless and sheer waste of time since wily Indians were merely buying time by indulging in frivolous 'diplomatic' parlays, while continuously violating all issues with complete impunity. Among others who addressed the meeting were, JI Amir Azad Kashmir, Sardar Ijaz Fazal, Amir (Chairman) Jammu & Kashmir Chapter, of Jamiat ul-Mujahideen, Sheikh Jamil -Ur-Rahman, Abdul Aziz Alvi, Tahir Ijaz, former spokesman, Hezb-ul-Mujahideen, Salim Hashmi and Chairman Pasban-e- Hurriyat Aziz Ahmad Ghazali. Salahuddin said that it was imperative to include Kashmiris leadership to be the third integral party, and making the Kashmir issue as a focal point of the ongoing peace talks if a conducive and lasting peaceful solution of the Kashmir crisis was ever to be sought. But, he cautioned, that Jihad seemed to be the only solution possible for a fair and decisive solution of the issue. Because if dialogue was ever an easy way out, the issue would have long been solved long ago, during the era of (late) Sheikh Abdullah. Addressing the convention, Sheikh Jamil-ur-Rahman said that Pakistan has always abandoned Kashmiris at the peak of all crises; hence the Kashmiri struggle would continue with or without Pakistan's (government's) help. The Convention was also telephonically addressed directly by Kashmiri leader Syed Asad Gillani.


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