May 2006 News

17 Muzaffarabad, Jhelum villages declared as Red Zone areas

6 May 2006
The Pakistan Tribune

Muzaffarabad: 14 villages of Muazzafrabad and 3 of Jhelum Valley have been declared as Red Zone areas, according to a Seismic Report. it was informed in the report that a decision to shifting inhabitants of these areas to safer places has been taken in principle. According to the sources, a seismic report was issued after the last year devastating earthquake but later during a survey it was revealed that 14 villages of Muzaffarabad and three 3 of Jhelum Valley are situated on high Red Zone. The areas of Muzaffarabad included Aparmeera Tanolean, Tariqabad Danala, Ranjata, Khula, Makri Bhela, Dhanimai Sahiba, Khan Bandi, Nala Shawai, Dheri Seedhan, Ghazi Mohallah, Shanara Nala, Batleean Nika, Bandi Takian, Boor Pian and three villages of Jhelim Valley situated on double fault line included Bhudharian, Ghotha and Karmla. Sources also revealed that a strategy has been finalized to shifting people of these areas to safer places and action would be taken in this context within next few weeks.


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