May 2006 News

AJK Polls On July 11

11 May 2006
The News International

Islamabad: Chief Election Commissioner Azad Jammu and Kashmir Justice Riaz Akhtar Chaudhary announced on Thursday that elections in the AJK would be held on July 11. He said this while addressing a press conference at the Kashmir House here. According to the schedule, the polling will take place on July 11 from 8 am to 5 pm.He said the nomination papers can be filed till June 2, papers would be scrutinised on June 8 and names of eligible candidates would be announced on the same day while June 20 is the last date for the withdrawal of nomination papers. It has also been mentioned in the code of conduct that appeal on rejected papers can be submitted on June 12 before 2 pm at the office of the election commissioner, Islamabad. The chief election commissioner would hear the appeals of rejected applications on June 13-15 from 8am to 4pm and decision would be taken on June 20 before 2 pm. The election symbols would be allotted to the selected candidates on June 21 and final list of candidates would be announced on the same day. The chief election commissioner while announcing the code of conduct stated that supporters of any candidate were not allowed to gather in a big number. Action could be taken against those involved in closing roads, he added. According to the code of conduct, only corner meetings are allowed during the election campaign and not more than 150 people are allowed to attend the meeting, adding use of loudspeakers were also prohibited. However, each candidate is allowed to conduct a big public gathering once but permission is a must from the district magistrate. All candidates are allowed to use poster size 12x12 while wall chalking and huge banners are also banned during the election campaign. According to the code of conduct, all the government officials, including the prime minister and other ministers, can't use government resources during the election campaign. All the political parties and their candidates can set up their camps 200 yards away from the polling station after getting permission from the presiding officer. The expenditure limit during the election campaign can't exceed Rs 0.5 million.


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