May 2006 News

ID parade in Kashmir sex ring row

19 May 2006

London: Indian-administered Kashmir's high court has ordered an identity parade of politicians and officials linked to a sex scandal involving an underage girl. The names of 56 men were disclosed after police questioned a woman alleged to at the centre of a prostitution ring, and the underage girl. A top administration official and a senior member of the Border Security Force are among those named. The scandal has led to widespread protests in Kashmir. It is not clear how officials plan to organise the identification parade. The scandal broke after a non-governmental group handed over a pornographic CD to the police. The CD contained images of a local girl thought to be 15 or 16 years old. The scandal is being investigated by India's Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The high court has ordered the state police to provide assistance to the CBI, amid fears the police would not investigate the affair impartially, the BBC's Altaf Hussein in Srinagar says. The woman and the girl have also named 42 women linked to the scandal.


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