May 2006 News

AJK Muslim Conference splits

25 May 2006
The Daily Times

Islamabad: The Muslim Conference, the ruling party in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has split into two factions after five ministers, two assembly members and other leaders expressed no confidence in Sardar Attiq Khan as the party’s president. The dissidents announced that they were forming a separate party called ‘Muslim Conference Haqeeqi’ at a press conference on Thursday. Muslim Conference Haqeeqi includes Senior AJK Minister Raja Abdul Qayyum Khan, Education Minister Muhammad Aziz, Minister for Social Welfare Noreen Arif, Minister Mufti Mansoor, Hydroelectric Board and Industry Minister Sardar Yaqoob Khan, and AJK assembly members Shamim Akhtar, Sardar Altaf, Sardar Abdul Ghaffar Khan and Sardar Abrar. Raja Abdul Qayyum Khan told the press conference the leadership of the MC was “immature” and had made it difficult for ministers to achieve their targets.


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