June 2006 News

Pakistan should do more against infiltration: India

5 June 2006
The Daily Times

Islamabad: Regretting that support for militants continues from across the border, India said on Monday Pakistan needed to do “much more” to fulfil its commitment to curb cross-border terrorism, The Press Trust of India reported. India also said it was “illogical” to link resolution of the Kashmir issue to the process of normalisation between the two countries. Indian High Commissioner Shivshankar Menon told a conference that despite the commitment expressed by President Pervez Musharraf two years ago to curb terrorism, “infiltration and infrastructure for terrorism existed and continued in varied forms”. “Unfortunately, more remains to be done to curb the menace of cross-border terrorism. Despite some variations in infiltration patterns, terrorist training, communications and support continue, waxing and waning with the seasons and the political climate,” Menon said at the conference attended among others by Pakistan Foreign Minister Khurshid M Kasuri. “Worse, since the October earthquake we have seen the public rehabilitation of terrorist organisations and their increasing public prominence,” he said, referring to permission granted by the Pakistani government to banned outfits like Jaish-e-Muhammad and Jamatu Dawa to work in quake hit areas. On the peace process, he said “while we have made considerable progress, we still have a long way to go to fully normalise our relations, find solutions to the issues that divide us and build mutual stakes in peace”. In his view one “lesson” that could be drawn out of the process was that it was “illogical” to link the resolution of the Kashmir issue to the process of normalisation of ties.


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