June 2006 News

MQM To Contest AJK Polls

7 June 2006
The News International

Karachi: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has announced to participate in the elections for the Azad Kashmir Legislative Assembly and felt gratified at being allotted 'kite' as election symbol. Making this announcement on Wednesday, MQM chief Altaf Hussain appealed to the AJK people to vote for those who had helped them during their hour of crisis after the October earthquake. The crisis-stricken people should differentiate between those genuinely interested in their welfare and the elements having vested interest, Mr Hussain remarked during his discussion with MQM's Azad Kashmir organizer Tahir Khohkhar and members of the AJK organizing committee. He told them that political parties were exploiting the masses for their personal gains and these have once again sprouted like mushrooms to seek votes from the poor and innocent people of the area. He, however, felt confident that Kashmiris had been through such gimmicks and would not again fall prey to temptations. He posed a question as to where were these parties when the area was struck by natural disaster last year. Everyone, including innocent children, had witnessed the services rendered by MQM workers who faced great risks to save the lives of stranded people in the affected areas. These people were still engaged in welfare services in the affected areas, he added. Altaf reiterated that a mere two percent privileged class was out to again exploit the Kashmiris. They had ganged up against MQM, but irrespective of the election outcome the party would convey its message to the people of Kashmir so that they could throw off the yoke of exploitation from around their necks, he said. They could do this by ensuring the success of Haq Parast candidates in the elections.


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