June 2006 News

Displaying of proper Pak map advised

8 June 2006
The Nation
our correspondent

Quetta: The Federal government has advised all four provinces, administration of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Northern Areas to display proper map of Pakistan showing Kashmir region as a disputed territory with Srinagar its capital, but with no mention of Azad Jammu Kashmir and Muzaffarabad.. The letter, carrying ‘Confidential’ flag dated May, 16, 2006 is by Brig. Mohammad Asfaq Ashraf, the acting Secretary NTISB of cabinet Secretariat, asking the provincial governments and AJK and NAs administration to ensure the correct map of Pakistan. The letter of cabinet division seems to be more a clever move than simply making correction (if any) under the garb of ‘Proper Map of Pakistan’.  In the map, Gilgit and Skardu were shown as separate administrative units, but it did not carry Muzaffarabad or the word Azad Jammu Kashmir. However, in the south of Skardu, Jammu and Kashmir with Srinagar as its capital was shown as disputed territory with international boundary between India and the disputed territory in the south. Administrative boundary was shown between Islamabad-Skardu and disputed territory in the west and north and Frontier Undefined in the east (China). “It is not by mistake that the name of Muzaffarabad is missing on the official map of Pakistan, but a policy shift of Pakistan in the wake of improving friendly ties after recent measures between the two countries”, said a senior bureaucrat.  The letter with subject of “Proper Map of Pakistan” was addressed to the Secretaries of Services & General Administration Departments of all the four provinces, Azad and Jammu Kashmir and Northern Areas.  It read, as it has been informed by Director General, planning Commission some of the websites (Government and Non-Government and other) are showing Kashmir as part of India, which is a serious mistake. “It is desired that all concerned be directed to ensure the display of correct map of Pakistan showing Kashmir as disputed territory on Pakistani websites by the autonomous, semi autonomous, attached and subordinate of your Division. Copy of the correct map is attached and a soft copy of map may be obtained from Director General, Planning Commission, Islamabad”.  In compliance of cabinet division’s advice, the Services & General Administration Department, Government of Balochistan conveyed the direction of cabinet division through a letter dated June, 7, 2006 to all administrative secretaries, district coordination Officers, District Nazim and others concerned departments, asking for taking appropriate action in the matter as desired.


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