June 2006 News

Sikandar Hayat likely to contest upcoming elections: Spokesman

13 June 2006
The Pakistan Tribune

Islamabad: AJK prime minister Sardar Sikandar Hayat has said that his decision of withdrawal as candidature from the upcoming elections should not be taken as final decision. These views were expressed by the spokesman of AJK prime minister while quoting the prime minister as saying here Tuesday . 'Sardar Sikandar Hayat, though has decided not to take part in the elections but people of the AJK and refugee in Islamabad are repeatedly demanding that Sikandar Hayat should review the decision,' the spokesman remarked . 'The people of the area will not accept at any cost the withdrawal of Sikandar Hayat from the elections,' he said adding that people should be assured that nomination paper of Sikandar Hayat still laying with the Returning Officer . Amid these state of affairs, the withdrawal of Sikandar Hayat should not be considered as final decision, he added .


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