June 2006 News

Fifty percent royalty on Basha Dam not acceptable: Speaker Northern Areas

15 June 2006
The Pakistan Tribune

Gilgit: Speaker Northern Areas, Malik Muhammad Maskeen while expressed his unwillingness to accept fifty per cent royalty on Basha Damir has demanded the establishment of a commission under the headship of Chief Justice of Pakistan to solve the royalty issue. He expressed these views in a dinner hosted in the honour of journalists coming from Islamabad. Malik Muhammad Maskeen said that after the linkage of Northern Areas with the resolution of Kashmir dispute, the issue would be solved and we would join Pakistan, he added. He said that the demand of fifth province would be made at appropriate time. Speaker Northern Areas has demanded government of Pakistan to abolish Legislative Council Ad hocism. He said that people of Northern Areas have know their rights and only pledges cannot satisfy them. He although admitted that in the tenure of Pervez Musharraf, unprecedented development projects have been completed. Malik Muhammad Maskeen has said that demands related to the amendment in Legal Frame Order (LFO) have been sent to Pakistanís government but no response since one year. He said that if we would take any direct step then it would hurt the Kashmirís movement. He feared that if demands are not met at time then it would increase the sense of deprivation


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