June 2006 News

Acceptance, Rejection Of Nomination Papers

19 June 2006
Associated Press of Pakistan

Mirpur: The Chief Election Commissioner Azad Jammu Kashmir Mr. justice Muhammad Riaz Akhter Chaudhry Monday announced the decisions on all rest of appeals filed against acceptance-rejection of the nomination papers by the candidates belonging to various constituencies of AJK and Jammu Kashmir refugees in various parts of Pakistan in connection with the scheduled July 11 AJK Legislative Assembly election, Elections Commission sources said. The sources told APP Monday that June 19 was the last day for announcing the decision on appeals filed by certain candidates against acceptance- rejection of nomination papers from various electoral constituencies. The appeals were heard on June 13, 14 and 15 by the CEC in line with the elections schedule. On the appeals the Chief Election Commission announced the decisions at his office in Islamabad on stipulated dates of June 16, 17 and 19. Following is the detail of the decisions on rest of appeals announced by the CEC on Monday. The appeal entitled Imtiaz Ahmed Lone v-s Returning Officer from constituency LA-40 (Valley-5) was dismissed following lack of pleading by the appellant or his counsel. The appeal entitled Muhammad Younis v-s Returning Officer from LA-31 (Jammu and others- 2) was accepted on the ground that the educational certificates submitted by the appellant of equal to Metric. In another appeal entitled Chaudhry Muhammad Akbar v-s Chaudhry Zubair from LA-34 (Jammu and others-5), the validity of the educational certificates of Chaudhry Zubair was challenged and the certificates were actually found fake. The Chief Election Commission accepted this appeal or Ch. Muhammad Akbar and rejected the nomination papers of Chaudhry Zubair which, earlier, were accepted by the Returning Officer, Thus Ch. Zubair is not eligible to contest the election, the CEC's decision said. The appeal entitled Sayed Riaz Kazmi v-s Sayed Shoukat Ali Shah from constituency LA-38 (Valley-3) was rejected on the ground that it was not a proper appeal rather it was an application. The appeal entitled Professor Ghulam Mustafa v-s Returning Officer and Iqbal Razaq Butt from LA-40 (Vally-5) was rejected on the grounds that since Iqbal Razaq Butt had got himself enlisted as voter after getting the State Subject Certificate in the light of the decision of the Supreme Court and resultantly he (Iqbal Razaq Butt) is eligible to contest the election. The CEC rejected the appeal entitled Nassarullah Khan v-s Returning Officer on the grounds that Nassarullah Khan, who is already enlisted as voter in electoral constituency of Jammu and others, could not prove his link with the Kashmir valley. The appeal entitled Abdul Raoof v-s Returning Officer from LA-31 (Jammu and others-2) was rejected for the reason that he had not deposited the security fee under the law. Two separate appeals entitled Muhammad Imatiaz Ahmed Lone v-s Returning Officer and Ch. Akhter Ali v-s Returning Officer from LA- 31 (Jammu and others-2) were rejected. The appeal of Ch. Akhter Ali against the decision of the Returning Officer from his constituency was rejected on the grounds that the appellant had not submitted the details of his assets along with the nomination papers. Another appeal entitled Muhammad Ahmed Raza v-s Returning Officer and Zahid Iqbal Hashmi from LA-40 (Valley-5) was accepted on the ground that Zahid Iqbal Hashmir could not prove himself as the resident-subject of Kashmir valley. In his decision, the CEC also ordered to delete the name of Zahid Iqbal Hashmi from the voters list which was included conditionally in category Kashmir valley of the electoral list.


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