July 2006 News

Al Qaeda surfaces in Kashmir

13 July 2006
Indo-Asian News Service

Srinagar: A statement faxed to the office of a local news agency here Thursday announced the formation of Al Qaeda's Jammu and Kashmir unit. The group's spokesperson identifying himself as Abu Al-Hadeed also phoned the Current News Service saying: 'Jammu and Kashmir Al Qaeda group has been formed with Abu Abdul Rahman Ansari as its chief.'Those who carried out the blasts needed to be encouraged as the bombings targeted those who had oppressed Muslims in India,' he said.The statement 'appreciated recent serial bombings in Mumbai and expressed pleasure at the serial blasts'.It also called upon 'Indian Muslims to rise in Jehad in favour of Islam and freedom' and said the 'objectives of the group would be made public soon as the foundation of the group had been laid today in Jammu and Kashmir'.When asked to comment on the authenticity of the statement and whether the group announced here had any affiliation with Osama bin Laden's organisation, a senior police officer said: 'We have no comments to offer at the moment.'


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