July 2006 News

The Proof, General, Lies In 2,400 Graves

29 July 2006
The Hindustan Times

Jammu: Over 2,400 Pakistani militants have been killed in counter- insurgency operations in Kashmir in the last 16 years, their graves the evidence of Pakistan's involvement in terror attacks in India. According to figures compiled by the state CID, 2,441 militants of Pakistani origin belonging to outfits like Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar- e-Tayyeba, Harkut-ul-Mujahadeen and Al Badr were killed in Jammu and Kashmir. This number does not include the terrorists killed in the attacks on Parliament, Red Fort, Akshardham and Ayodhya.The highest number of militants killed was in 2002 - 447. Till July 25 this year, 10 top Pakistani militants were killed in different encounters with security forces. Twice after the terror attacks on Parliament and the Mumbai blasts, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has asked India to prove that Pak istan-based terrorists are involved in the attacks. Pakistan had refused to accept the bodies of the five terrorists killed in the Parliament attack. Official records tell a different story. Besides the 2,441 confirmed Pakistanis, over 1,240 unidentified terrorists have been killed in the low-intensity warfare raging in the Valley. Most of these are believed to be Pakistanis as well. Militants holed up in the state's prisons have often helped identify the bodies as those of Pakistanis. Sometimes, militants carry ID cards. Intelligence inputs also help. For example, it is common knowledge among intelligence circles that a Gaybana Namaz-e-Zanaza (prayer for the dead in the absence of the body) is offered in Pakistan every time a Pakistani militant is killed. 'Indian security moles keep a complete tab on such prayers. The namaz held at a particular village helps security agencies home in on the identity of the slain militant,' said a source.


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