August 2006 News

Salahuddin warns militancy could spread to other Indian States

6 August 2006
The Daily Excelsior

Islamabad: Urging Pakistan to intervene militarily to resolve the Kashmir issue, Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin asserted that no political solution was possible since India and the international community had 'wasted the opportunity by not responding to (Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf's CBMs.' 'On the Kashmir issue, Islamabad cannot take a u-turn. Kashmir is an indigenous movement. Pakistan is a party to it. It is Pakistan's responsibility to provide every kind of support to the movement-although until now it has been giving it diplomatic, moral and political support. We want Pakistan to initiate a military intervention in Kashmir,' he said, in an interview to the Friday Times from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). However, noting Pakistan had not plumped for such a step, he said it was 'justified in taking that decision but Kashmiris were disgruntled with it' for not doing so. Ruling out the possibility of the issue getting resolved through talks, Salahuddin said India and the international community had 'wasted the opportunity of holding a political dialogue by not responding to Gen Musharraf's CBMs.' He claimed India has realised that militancy could spread to other parts of the country if the Kashmir issue is not resolved soon. 'One year, five years, ten years or hundred years... Time doesn't matter in freedom movements. India has realised that if Kashmir is not resolved soon, militancy will spiral out of Kashmir and spread to other parts of the country,' he said. However, Salahuddin denied the group's involvement in the Mumbai blasts. 'It is the Indians who are relating militancy to Kashmir. Not we. We are following our code of conduct,' he said, adding that they did not want to give India 'any chance to defame our movement.' Terming India's demand to Pakistan to hand him over as 'absurd,' he said that 'no law in the world can make anyone extradite me' and it was impossible for the Musharraf Government to take a 'u-turn' on him. 'India has struggled to get the freedom movement of Kashmir termed as terrorism but failed. The international community recognises it as an indigenous movement,' Salahuddin claimed, adding that it had also been unsuccessful in having the Hizbul Mujahideen declared a terrorist outfit. Claiming his group was funded by 'five million Kashmiris living around the world,' he said it comprised 'hundreds and thousands of people of every age, including some non-Muslims.'


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