August 2006 News

Mobile phones pose new security threat in Kashmir

8 August 2006
Indo-Asian News Service

Jammu: As mobile telephones proliferate in Jammu and Kashmir, security agencies in the state are concerned over the threat they could pose - including as triggers for deadly explosions.Intelligence agencies in the state have information that terrorist groups could use mobile phones to cause improvised explosive device (IED) blasts through remote control. They say explosives can be planted in a mobile phone and the blast triggered by making a call to the phone.Such explosions, experts say, can be carried out with greater accuracy due to dual-tone multi frequency (DTMF) technology used in these telephones.Mobile phones can also be used as time bombs as they have facilities for setting time.A top security official in the state warned about other threats that mobile phones could pose. 'Apart from cell phone guns, mobile phone cameras can be used for spying by taking photos of sensitive areas and, worse, a mobile can be used for tapping conversations,' he pointed out.According to the official, 'it is difficult to differentiate a mobile phone from a mobile phone pistol. With some modification, some keys on the pad can be used as triggers for firing 0.22 calibre shots'. Intelligence officials are working on mobile phones' use for tapping conversation. 'These (mobiles) can be used for eavesdropping as well. For this, only a small change in the chip is required. It can be activated by making a call to the mobile while it is receiving a call and the conversation can be overheard,' the official revealed.Intelligence agencies are also working on 'fool-proof anti- sabotage checks' against the misuse of mobiles. 'We may have to propose that no permission be given for mobiles during VIP visits and in other high risk areas,' one official said.


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