August 2006 News

Two killed in Kashmir violence

9 August 2006
The Daily Times

Srinagar: Two men identified as militants were killed on Wednesday in separate incidents in Jammu and Kashmir, officials said, but protesters alleged one was a civilian waiting for a bus. A group of paramilitary soldiers from the Central Reserve Police Force patrolling the busy Dal Gate area of Srinagar shot a man to death who they said was preparing to throw a grenade at them, said Deputy Inspector General of Police Farooq Ahmed. Ahmed said two grenades were recovered from the body of the man, who was in his 20s. But about two dozen women took to the streets soon after the shooting, shouting slogans against security forces and alleging the man killed was an innocent civilian waiting for a bus. Another suspected militant was killed on Wednesday in a gunbattle with soldiers in the village of Nildora, said police officer Imtiaz Hussain. Meanwhile, a bomb disposal squad defused an explosive placed in a car on Tuesday night on the high-security road leading to Srinagars airport, setting off a huge explosion that could be heard for kilometres, Ahmed said. He said a police patrol found an abandoned car with 15 kilogrammes of the explosive RDX tied to a gas cylinder, which was rigged for detonation by a mobile phone.


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