August 2006 News

Pak Under Fire At UNHRC

20 August 2006
The Daily Excelsior

New Delhi: Accusing Pakistan of 'systematic looting and kidnapping of children' after last year's killer temblor in the Kashmir region, a senior JKLF leader told a session of the United Nations' Human Rights Council that Islamabad is yet to shake off its 'imperialistic and undemocratic practices.' Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front's so- called diplomatic chairman Shabir Choudhry accused Pakistan of being unable to 'shake off imperialistic and undemocratic practices' when he intervened during a discussion on violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms at the 58th session of the body in Geneva from August 7 to 21. Many hoped that after the earthquake on October eight, 2005, people in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) will get relief, help and emotional support to overcome their trauma, Choudhry said. 'Indeed many people came to help them... But people were also the target of systematic looting, corruption and kidnapping of young children and women. These kidnapped children and women have been sent to various cities in Pakistan for begging and prostitution,' Choudhry alleged. Seeking the UN's immediate intervention to take charge of relief work in PoK, he said 'Recent international media reports confirm our worst fears that some money destined for quake victims has ended up elsewhere.' The UN taking charge of the relief work would ensure that the money did not reach those 'who only have an anti-people and anti-democracy agenda,' he said.


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