August 2006 News

Official’s transfer triggers row

29 August 2006
The Dawn

Muzaffarabad: A transfer order issued by AJK Minister for Local Government and Rural Development Raja Naseer Ahmed Khan is likely to trigger a row between him and administrator Municipal Corporation Muzaffarabad Zahid Amin, it has been learnt. On Monday the Local Government Board (LGB) had issued the order under the minister’s instructions whereby MCM secretary Tariq Rasheed (BPS-16) was transferred and attached with the LGB in view of “public complaints” against him. However, the order did not go well with Mr Amin who asserted that ‘the poor guy was made a scapegoat’ by the minister after he (administrator) had recalled corporation’s six coolies serving as domestic servants at the minister’s residence. “As I came to know that six coolies are serving at the residence of the minister as domestic servants I recalled them in view of shortage of workforce in the civic body,” he told Dawn on Tuesday, adding that he had also withdrawn another six coolies from the residences of some bureaucrats. Mr Amin was appointed MCM administrator, with salary and perks of BPS-19, in November last year on the recommendations of the ‘powers that be’. “At a time when we face severe shortage of labourers to keep the intercity roads and streets clean against the backdrop of monsoon rains, how can the deployment of coolies at the residences of ministers or bureaucrats be allowed,” the administrator Muzaffarabad MC said. He said he had issued clear orders that all such employees should immediately report back to their respective departments or else they would not be paid salaries. According to him, the official who suffered minister’s wrath was also discharging additional duties of ‘data entry operator’ because the civic body lacked computer literates. “The government has given us Sept 10 deadline to complete demarcation survey. How can we do that when our only computer literate official has been punished and transferred,” he said. “Regrettably, the minister has no interest in reconstruction, implementation of land use plan or execution of health and hygiene drive. Rather, he may be looking for an administrator who allows him to keep not six but 12 coolies,” he remarked. Mr Amin alleged that some other ministers were also adding to the problems of the corporation by making “unjustified” demands. “They don’t realise that despite resource constraints, it’s the only organisation delivering in the post-earthquake scenario,” he said. However, when contacted by Dawn, the LG & RD minister vehemently denied that any coolie had been working at his residence. “There is no truth in it,” said the minister who has held same portfolio in previous government and lives in the devastated ministers’ colony in the AJK capital. In response to a question he said he transferred the official because there were complaints against him.


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