September 2006 News

3,000 more cellphone connections in Gilgit

11 September 2006
The Dawn

Gilgit: The Special Communication Organisation (SCO), that operates mobile service ‘SCom’, will provide another 3,000 mobile phone connections in the Northern Areas within a month. The new connections will be in addition to the existing 2,000 lines, Commanding Officer of SCO Col Khalid Nazeer Kiani said, adding that they were trying to improve the quality of GSM service and had been unable to concentrate on marketing. He said the SCom was far better than any other cellular phone service and they were taking steps to ensure quality rather than quantity. About loss of connectivity in Gilgit and some other areas, Col Kiani said that they would soon install a tower in Jutiyal Gilgit to ensure better connectivity in ‘dead zones’.


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