September 2006 News

New slogans for Kashmir campaign

15 September 2006
The Dawn

Faisalabad: The government has decided to highlight the Kashmir issue by raising the Kashmiris’ demand for freedom, and this year the black day will be observed on Oct 27 with 23 new slogans. The provincial as well as the district governments have been directed to display new slogans at conspicuous places as the government is going to observe Oct 27 as a black day in connection with the Kashmir issue. The new slogans sent by the Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas Division are 'Kashmiris are not children of a lesser god’, 'demilitarisation and self-governance in Kashmir key to peace’, 'Kashmiris demand demilitarisation and self-governance’, 'Indian brutalities in Kashmir must stop’, 'salute to the martyrs of Kashmir’, 'save Kashmir save humanity’, 'Indian occupation of Kashmir is a travesty of international law’, 'Pakistan is determined to resolve Kashmir dispute’, 'Kashmiris want to be master of their destiny’, 'Pakistanis share Kashmiris’ aspirations’, 'Kashmiris demand political and human rights’, 'demilitarisation and self- governance important steps towards Kashmir solution’, 'sacrifices will not go waste in Kashmir’, 'Kashmiris struggle for freedom will succeed’, 'Kashmir under Indian occupation is challenge for world’s community’, 'Kashmiris have rejected Indian occupation’, and 'Kashmiris struggle is the symbol of human quest for freedom’. Another five new watchwords will also be displayed — 'Jidojehd-i- Azadi Kashmir Zindabad’, 'Kashmiri Apni Taqdir Ke Malik Banana Chahte Hain’, 'Pakistani Qoom Kashmir Ke Ehsasat Mein Brabar Ki Sharik Hai’, 'Kashmirion Ka Nara Ghulami Se Inkar, Hurriat Se Piyar’, and 'Kasmirion Ke Qurbanian Naqable Faramosh Hain’. A district officer said all these slogans were in addition to those approved by the provincial authorities-Northern Areas administration and the AJK government, and we had been directed to follow these slogans during the observance of the day.


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